It is critical that we understand your company, your products, your targeted markets, key target customers,  the technology, the competitive landscape. We need to know what really differentiates you from the other offerings. So the first step is for you to support us in gaining this understanding. Before we start, we need to agree what the expected outcomes are over given time periods so you and us understand what we are trying to achieve.

Our Approach​

Identify the key target customers in the region.

This is the first step. We need to mutually understand also what the challenges are in gaining access to these customers.

Using the right tools.

We use all the tools that a road warrior needs to ensure we are always available.. Time zones reuire communication at all times. We use Skype, Ipad, Blackberry PC to ensure we are never far from our email !.

Putting the appropriate representative and distribution sales channel in place.

Selecting the right indirect sales partners is critical to success. They have to be motivated by the product line, prepared to invest time and money to win business, ideally have complimentary non competitive product lines that will lead them to the right customers for you.

Training the sales channel and winning customers

It is critical that the indirect sales channel engender confidence in customers  and this is achieved through quality training which will be organised by us locally.  We can do the initial training and then use web tools for the more in depth training to the new sales team. We will visit the customers with the indirect sales channel staff. ” Leading from the front” at key customers always improves the indirect sales channel effectiveness and shows them the real world objections from customers and how to answer these difficult questions. We have the tools for opportunity tracking and are happy to use your preferred methodology for project tracking and forecasting.

We now are working with Adesto Technology