Theobroma  has developed a small form factor Powerline Communications packaged unit which is ready for immediate use.  It is ideal for industrial applications and can be packaged to suite the customer specific requirements. Powerline communications is a good robust solution for connecting sensors  securely using existing mains wiring which saves the major cost of the disruption and cost of installing signal wiring for sensors.

Product Highlights include :

  • Complete with psu so just connect to 230 volts AC 50 or 60Hz
  • Built in RS-485 and USB interfaces
  • User data rates of 10 kbps up to 500 metres
  • Uses IEEE1901.2 communications in the Cenelec B C bands with CSMA ( listen before talk)
  • Has full IPV6 functionality, enabling peer to peer and netowrking to be easily implemented
  • Digital I/O built in so that relays and external ralys can be be controlled and monitored
  • Industrial temperature range of -40C to +85C
  • Small profile being only x mm y mm z mm

We now are working with Adesto Technology