Prague – Justinova, creator of Flying Hearts, a mail purchase bride agency into the Czech Republic, began her business in 2002.

After 2 decades of economic development, escaping through the previous communist bloc is less of an issue for Czech women. No matter this, Justinova, one among a few wedding agents in your community, claims her business is stable.

„we thought the company has great potential, because at that time, after we started, there has been just a couple of companies. It’s an organization which will be perhaps not on a time, “ stated Justinova, that is pictured within the agency’s web site sitting for the seat along side her feet crossed decked out in a slinky black colored leather-based dress.

For the 1st eight months, Justinova headed to her workplace in rips because business finished up being consequently sluggish, she claimed shaking her brain while sipping when you look at the veggie soup she ordered for dinner.

Eventually, she started phone calls which are getting females registered on the behalf internet site. (more…)

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