Ukrainian and worldwide specialists discuss key obstacles for securing equality between gents and ladies in Ukraine

4 March 2013, Kyiv – on the event regarding the Global Women’s Day, Ukrainian and worldwide professionals talked about key dilemmas concerning equality between men and women within a Round Table co-organised by the nationwide Academy of Public management beneath the President of Ukraine and also the us in Ukraine.

The un emphasises that advancing sex equality and empowering ladies is important for attaining comfort and protection, peoples liberties security, and sustainable financial and social development.

“Although Ukraine is signatory to any or all worldwide conventions and initiatives for attaining sex equality and contains a wide range of appropriate guidelines, sex equality is definately not being a reality in Ukraine”, stated Ms. Nuzhat Ehsan, seat of this UN Gender Working Group, UN Fund for Population strategies Representative for Ukraine. “Women make significantly less than 10 % in Ukraine’s newly elected Parliament, helping to make the culture that is political Ukraine male-dominated and actually leaves the nation lagging behind European criteria in this field”. (more…)

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