Nine Years, 50 Weddings, 50 States: Meet Maria the Korean Bride

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Conceptual and gratification musician Maria Yoon‘s conservative Korean-American parents had been pushing and pushing her getting hitched. So she did. More than a nine 12 months duration, Yoon placed on her wedding hanbok fifty times in fifty states for fifty guys, females, as well as a few objects that are inanimate the Liberty Bell and a Kentucky racehorse.

She then covered all of it up in a documentary movie, “Maria the Bride—the voice that is korean of Asian-American females, ” which explores the organization of wedding and exactly how wedding is observed in numerous countries around the world.

“It started, as everything do, with my parents, ” said Yoon, whose immigrant moms and dads felt that making certain their child got hitched ended up being an essential part to be a parent that is good. Nevertheless, Yoon ended up being interested in her job, therefore “we had been arguing every time we came across. So when you’re an age that is certain you don’t wish to argue along with your moms and dads anymore. ”

Rather, she merely avoided her moms and dads. Then she chose to provide them with whatever they desired. (more…)

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