Leap Year Divorce Or Separation: Is Marrying Throughout A Leap 12 Months Misfortune?

In a post-divorce daze, you might have seemed back and thought, ” It can’ve resolved, it absolutely was simply the timing which was all incorrect.

” had been you and your ex hitched throughout a jump 12 months? You may have now been onto something.

Greek and Ukrainian folklore shows that couples that marry during a jump have bad luck year.

Leap years had been created by Julius Caesar within the very first century BC so that you can sync the calendar utilizing the periods. Pope Gregory XIII later perfected the machine in 1582, developing the Gregorian calendar utilized today. The revised calendar was accompanied by a brand new set of superstitions, Neni Panourgia, an associate professor at the Institute for Comparative Literature and Society at Columbia University, told The Huffington Post for the Greek and Romans.

“Both had superstitions regarding beginning such a thing brand new for a jump 12 months. It had been not just engaged and getting married, but baptizing a young child, stepping into any kind of contractual relationship, selling, starting a journey and sometimes even a new task,” stated Panourgia, whoever 1995 guide, “Fragments of Death, Fables of Identity: An Athenian Anthropography,” details Greek jump 12 months superstitions.

The aspect that is only of Greek superstition that still remains today, stated Panourgia, could be the belief that leap year marriages and engagements are difficulty that may just result in 2 kinds of individual catastrophes: “The implication being either a divorce proceedings or one of many partner’s death.”

But does the superstition hold any fat for contemporary Greeks? (more…)

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