Multicolored Asian woman beetles. Fast facts

Multicolored Asian lady beetle, Harmonia axyridis (Pallas) is also called Asian lady beetle, Halloween woman beetle, and lady beetle that is japanese.

The multicolored Asian woman beetle looks much like other lady beetles but is typically bigger, about 1/3-inch long.

  • It may be noticed in a selection of colors, which range from orange to yellow to red as well as (seldom) black.
  • This beetle typically has 19 black colored spots which can differ to look at from well-defined to a maximum of faint traces on its wing covers.
  • These woman beetles may also provide less than 19 spots plus some might have no spots after all.
  • Try to find the clear black colored ‘M’-shaped marking behind its mind, to properly

Larvae are blue to black with two orange stripes, and rows of tiny, spines on the systems.

Asian lady beetle as a family group pest

Multicolored Asian woman beetles could be a nuisance once they take place in good sized quantities inside houses.

  • They just do not wood that is infest destroy fabrics, eat foodstuffs or harm other home. (more…)

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