New SM2400

It all seems so easy to build a narrowband powerline communications networking system. It is just a matter f using one of the standards an it will all fall into place. Right? Wrong !

For smaller networks of up to 200 nodes a simple network needs address monitoring and applications to configure it. Semitech Semiconductor has written a simple application which runs out-of -the box to do this. It can establish automatically a 200 node network itself in a few hours and it is self healing. ┬áIt can communicate with “difficult ” nodes using other nodes as repeaters. Minimal memory is needed to implement this product

It is written in C and so can be re-compiled for many processors. It is designed to run on Semitech’s industry leading chips such as the Sm2400 and SM2480.

Just click and download the product brief .PB74113-02_SMesh_Product_Brief

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This article gives an introduction to Solar Inverters and presents a neat way to make the solar micro-inverter a much ore cost effective solution. A brief overview of the technology and a comparison of single inverters, string inverters and micro-inverters is made You can download the article by clicking here : Introduction to Solar Inverters

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