Demonstration Micro Inverter

Semitech Semiconductor has taken the next step in narrow-band communications and introduced the SM2480  power-line chip.

You can check out the press release here

It is much more than only a power-line chip, it is digital and analogue I/O  plus 4 high accuracy PWM outputs. There is more. On board the chip there  is a 90Mhz 32 bit micro-controller.

The flexibility of this chip is demonstrated in the new solar micro-inverter.  This comes complete with software. This makes for a highly integrated solar micro-inverter with on board monitoring and control using your selection of multiple standards of OFDM power line communications.  New lower price points  can now be achieved due to the high level of integration.

The demonstration product can feed directly into the mains and there are only a few connections to be made. They are the solar panel and the mains.

The unit will be demonstrated to companies who wish to take advantage of the lower build costs of their micro-inverter product line.

In the picture below you can see that apart from the inevitable magnetics , there is a pcb that has few components. There are almost no components on the reverse of this board.

Top View inside the case of the demo Solar micro-inverter

Top View inside the case of the demo Solar micro-inverter

More information is available and  it is worth checking out the SM2480 product brief here.

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