The SM2400 is the first in a family of a new generation of Narrowband Power Line Communication (N-PLC) modem chips.  It combines cost effective design optimized for PLC applications, with a  high level of programmability to address a multitude of communications schemes and evolving standards. Extremely flexible, the SM2400 features a dual core architecture to guarantee superior communication performance while maintaining very high levels of flexibility and programmability for OFDM based and other open standards and fully customized implementations. It contains all the necessary mixed signal components, such as A/D, D/A, Op-Amp’s,  and programmable gain amplifier  to yield a cost effective PLC system design for any N- PLC application.

SM2400 Architecture The SM2400 is a highly programmable OFDM  based N-PLC modem combining PHY, MAC with  mixed signal components for optimal system cost  and performance. The SM2400 combines the    benefits of programmable architecture with power and cost efficiency by utilizing two 32bit cores configured specifically for N-PLC modulations and protocols.

The SM2400 comes with firmware versions implementing 1901.2 compliant PHY and MAC layers and 6LoWPAN data link layer as well as PRIME, G3-PLC, FSK/BPSK, Lon compliant mode and other special modes tailored for smart metering and smart grid applications. The SM2400 is capable of achieving data rates of up to 500Kbps over 500KHz frequency band.

The SM2400 enables secure communication featuring a 256-bit AES encryption core with CCM* mode support.

Firmware loads for Prime, G3-PLC, IEEE1901.2  FSK and SM2200 compatible modes are all available .For industrial applications  A G3-PLC format mode with added CSMA is available to allow users the flexibility of using the Cenelec B and C bands.

The SM9400 is an evaluation kit which connects to a PC via USB and to the mains. The self-powered  unit can select the mode of operation and download firmware to enable testing of any of the previously mentioned power-line communications standards and has a neat diagnostics and evaluation test suite, called Koala, which runs on the PC. This enables the user to compare the benefits of the current power-line standards.

Koala Screen shot example


The SM9400-1 is optimised for metering and the Cenelec A band. The SM9400-2 is optimised for use on the Cenelec B/C, ARIB and FCC bands.


The SM2400 and SM9400 kits are fully available from stock from Semitech Semiconductor Distributors in Europe.

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