New SM2400

There has been a lot of talk of the new standard IEEE1901.2 for narrowband powerline communications.

Europe can use the Cenelec A band for metering and Cenelec B band and the Cenelec C band ( C band has protocol restrictions) for industrial use.

The IEEE1901.2 band is designated to use the FCC band which allows transmission up to 500Khz.

Therefore the European use of the IEEE1901.2 new standard is at best only suitable for DC lines and private networks . This of course assumes that EMC testing can be obtained and this has still be done.

Therefore we recommend in Europe you stay with one of the existing standards.

For industrial use the Semitech SM2200 is still a great choice because it is not limited by the features of Prime and G3-PLC or Prime which after all were totally optimised for metering applications.

The new SM2400 and SM2480 can operate multi-standard so can operate in SM2200 mode, Prime and G3-PLC modes, making these devices a great choice for industrial applications.

Another advantage of the SM24xx family is that the firmware is uploaded on power up from flash memory or via SPI from an external processor.

The Prime standard is about to be updated to V1.4  to allow transmission up to 500KHz in the FCC and ARIB bands.

The SM24xx can immediately update using the new firmware bundles.


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