Greenvity Communications, a leading innovator in GreenPHY powerline and Zigbee Communications is launching a complete kit for the control of smart LED lighting using powerline and Zigbee.

The product enables designers to very quickly implement a full LED smart lighting control system with on/off, dimming and colour tuning of large lighting systems. A major benefit is that uders of Greenvity products have immediate access to a ready developed software system including an IOS app to do full control on an Ipad or Iphone.

You can see the system demonstrated on Youtube on this link,

The LED Lighting control development platform with the software is now available. The major advantage is the cost saving of having ready developed software which can be 50% of your develpement costs.

Greenvity also has LED driver development boars and a motion an lighting sensor board which serve as reference designs .

With this suite of products on offer, you can quickly be in the Smrt LED lighting business at the lowest cost.

Please contact us for more information

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