Semitech Semiconductor is now readying the launch of their two new narrowband powerline products.

There are two devices the SM 2400 which is a perfect fir for smart metering and M2M applications and the SM2480 which has additional features to facilitate a much lower cost solar micro-inverte t be implemented.

Both devices are multi-standard and offer G3-PLC, Prime, IEEE 1901.2 and legacy narrowband implementation. In addition there is a user programmable 90Mhz 32 bit controller. The design is specifically to allow the user to implement a low power solution at lower costs compared to current solutions. Samples and evaluation boards will be avilable in early January. Please contact us for more information.

Griscomm has launched a new GC9200 DIn Rail narrowband modem, It is complete in a box and with full software built in for networking it is extremely easy to use. It has full CE and FCC approvals. It is a very neat solution for industrial applications Read the press release Here is a link to the product brief

We now are working with Adesto Technology