The Greenvity GV7011 is a 2.4GHz Zigbee transceiver, Homeplug Greenphy modem and ethernet 10/100 all in one chip. This device has a really neat feature that it can act as a bridge from Zigbee to GreenPhy in either direction. The key point is that NO Zigbee software stack is needed. In home and building automation systems you can link Zigbee networks on each floor of a building together using powerline. This is a neat low cost way to implement a repeater.

The SM9200 is a box that contains a narrowband powerline module, signal interfaces, and power supply. All you need to provide is a PC and access to 230 bolts AC sockets! The module in the box has the SM2200 OFDM high performance narrowband powerline chip, an STM 32 microcontroller, and the 230 volts AC line coupler. The box has several […]

Each country of Europe has a different view on what technology to utilise for connecting smart meters to the “grid”. Italy has completed a country wide roll out of powerline communications connected smart electricity meters. Spain is well on the way at Both Iberdrola and Endesa with powerline based roll outs. We see Scandinavia and Eastern Europe also favouring powerline […]

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